bauteil- und bauwerkscanning
Aawasserstrasse 10
CH-6370 Oberdorf NW
T +41 (0)41 871 39 86
F +41 (0)41 871 39 87
about us bauteil- und bauwerkscanning can count on experienced professional staff with know-how on construction engineering and measurement technology. The company aims to take over the leading role in Europe in the field of non-destructive measurement technologies in construction. Part of the technology is patented. The development of new applications and methods will stay in Switzerland also in the future. Highly distinctive systems will be defined by bauteil- und bauwerkscanning.

We are aiming for cooperation with licenced and established partners in different countries. bauteil- und bauwerkscanning appears in all of Europe under a uniform label. bauteil- und bauwerkscanning is committed to highest safety and maximum reliability.

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