bauteil- und bauwerkscanning
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Welcome to bauteil- und bauwerkscanning

We provide you with the non-destructive visualisation of the inside of a construction. bauteil- und bauwerkscanning applies non destructive measurement and test methods based on different physical principles and combines acquired data to evaluate results with the highest accuracy. bauteil- und bauwerkscanning opens the possibility to collect and compare data on the status of tunnels, bridges, retaining walls or other constructions made in concrete with highest reliability. bauteil- und bauwerkscanning guarantees highest safety, reliability and accuracy of all evaluated results at all times.
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Some applications:
  • Localisation of anchor heads
  • Definition of pre tension cables inside concrete
  • Localisation of water infiltration 
  • Visualisation of light armouring
  • Visualisation of cavities behind a retaining wall or behind a tunnel wall
  • Localisation of thickness differences 
  • Failure analysis 
  • Collecting data on the status of the object