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Energy check
The “energy check” actively promotes all efforts for energy saving by professionals and by house owners. The infrared picture is the simplest possible way to develop a feeling about the energy saving potential.
The energy check has been developed by different professionals from different branches and is supported by theauthorities. Skilled specialists for energy-saving are ready to support owners and consult them how to implement energy saving programs.

Energy check
Infrared pictures
Interpretation of
panchromatic pictures

Energy classification number
  • Craftsmen and experienced partners support the efforts for energy saving. They suggest as the first step the “energy check” and offer support and professional consultation to all the owners and administrators.
  • Infrared pictures explain clearly where energy losses are high. Owners, architects, administrators as well as all craftsmen receive an objective information about the effective energy loss situation of a house.
  • Energy consultants and partners can advise you and adapt to your needs. They can support you to realise the optimal energy saving measures and inform you on regulations and trade associations.

We are looking for cooperation partners for the energy check. Please contact us if you are interested.