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Damage analysis and prevention

The HF technology combined with the IT technology is the right way to evaluate the condition of anchor heads fast – reliable and objectively.

The HF technology combined with the additional technologies opens the possibility for non-destructive evaluation of retaining walls, visualise cavities or
waterways behind the construction.

Older retaining walls built from stone are often found in big numbers by many mountain crossings . Information about the structure inside the construction does normally not exist. Only from the inspection by human eyes alone from the surface of the object, it is impossible to extract objective information about the condition of the construction.

Open questions about such constructions only can be objectively answered if measurement technologies are applied. In order to compare acquired results over different inspection periods , analytical models and standardised application techniques are required. bauteil- und bauwerkscanning is works with complex analytical software programs. On one side, the ideal measurement conditions and the expected results can be calculated, on the other hand, acquired data sets can be fed to the program to analyse the conditions inside the inspected object.
This way interested professionals receive insight into the software pack and can process data themselves.

The non-destructive measuring technologies (PTRT® – Power forced Thermal Response Technology) complement each other. Combined together, the PPTRT Technology is able to extract exact information about the condition inside an inspected object, about water influences, differences in the thickness, the light rebar construction and so on.