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pre-tension cable / anchor heads
Various phenomena in a concrete structure will become visible up to a depth of 70 cm. To locate parts deeper than 70 cm, the application technology will be adapted to the requirements.
Behind the light rebar in vertical and horizontal direction, you can see the interface armouring on the left side and the pre-tension cable. All elements inside the pillar are made from concrete.
The comparison between the actual result (Measured data inside the red framed picture) and the scheduled plan explains the differences between theory and practise.
Visualizes the position of the pre-tension cable inside a 1,5 m thick plate of concrete.

The plan explains the position of the pre-tension cables. The non-destructively acquired data proved that during execution the pre- tension cable was in the wrong place. The difference is about 20 cm.
In order to drill this kind of object under consideration of the safety requirements, non-destructive measurement divices are needed that are mobile and are quickly available and require little time on the object.