Tomo­gra­phy services

  • Tech­ni­cal mea­su­re­ment methods are incorruptible.
  • Results can be che­cked by third par­ties at any time.
  • Modern pro­ces­ses can be used quick­ly and efficiently.
  • The results pro­vi­de ans­wers to com­plex questions.
  • Agreed requi­re­ments can be che­cked neu­tral­ly using mea­su­re­ment technology.

The pic­tu­re on the left shows every detail in a ful­ly assem­bled cathe­ter con­nec­tion in the opti­cal tomogram.

The image in the midd­le shows a ther­mal tomo­gram. Shown is the honey­comb con­s­truc­tion under the plan­king insi­de an air­craft wing.

The image on the right shows a radar tomo­gra­phy ridge. The radar tomo­gram shows the indi­vi­du­al lay­ers of built-in rein­for­cing iron in a cei­ling and at the same time built-in elec­tri­cal cables or pipes for flo­or heating.

What are mea­su­re­ment and test results used for?

  • irs​cat​.ch GmbH has built up spe­cia­list know­ledge over more than 30 years of prac­ti­cal expe­ri­ence and makes this know­ledge available to inte­res­ted parties.
  • irs​cat​.ch GmbH also offers all tomo­gra­phy pro­ces­ses as a ser­vice so that cus­to­mers can deter­mi­ne the value of a solu­ti­on them­sel­ves befo­re making an invest­ment decision.
  • irs​cat​.ch deve­lo­ps tomo­gra­phic sys­tems for indus­try and offers com­pe­tent spe­cia­list know­ledge for cur­rent, pre­vious­ly unsol­ved issues.


Tomo­gra­phy is a modern, very powerful ima­ging method that, depen­ding on the ques­ti­on, is based on radar, ultra­sound, light or, in medi­cal appli­ca­ti­ons, on X‑rays. With tomo­gra­phy, the inter­nal struc­tures of an object are recor­ded three-dimen­sio­nal­ly in many two-dimen­sio­nal cross-sec­tion­al images as a who­le stack of images and made available for eva­lua­ti­on. The tomo­gra­phic methods, their pene­tra­ti­on depth and reso­lu­ti­on are shown in the gra­phic below. 
The gra­phic shows the pene­tra­ti­on depth and the reso­lu­ti­on of the various tomo­gra­phy pro­ces­ses and methods. We will be hap­py to pro­vi­de you with fur­ther detail­ed infor­ma­ti­on on the indi­vi­du­al pro­ce­du­res and methods on request.
Expl­ana­ti­on of the graphic:

Radar: Dif­fe­rent fre­quen­cy bands
Mag.Verf.: Magne­tic methods
MRI: magne­tic reso­nan­ce pro­ce­du­re
THV: Ther­mo­gra­phy
HFUS: High Fre­quen­cy Ultra­sound
THtz: Thera­hertz method
OCT: Opti­cal Cohe­rence Tomo­gra­phy
SPET: Sti­mu­la­ted Pho­ton Emis­si­on Tomo­gra­phy
STED: Sti­mu­la­ted Pho­te Thin­ning
REE, RKM: scan­ning elec­tron micro­sco­py, ato­mic force microscopy